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I am an artist and stage designer based in Berlin and London.

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I work under themes of architecture, childhood memory, and archive.

My performance work is largely site-specific, taking place in off-spaces or in public. I have a strong focus on the constructed architectural place of the pieces.

Recent performances of mine include: a performative lecture on Hot Wheels; a labyrinthine peep-show in a dilapidated casino; and a one-on-one reading inside a citadel.

Stage & video design projects include 'Based On A True Story By Truman Capote', at Volkstheater München in 2024, and 'Upload Virgin' at GRIPS Theater Berlin.

I am an artist, video and stage designer based in Berlin and London.

Recent research projects include 'Animatronics: the movements of mechanical puppets in the horror genre' funded by Fonds Darstellende Künste (2023); and 'Cartoon Ghosts: an investigation into spirituality in the entertainment industry' as part of a residency at the University of the Underground (2021).

...for more detailed information, download my CV here  →

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