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Upload Virgin

Video Art // Upload Virgin, GRIPS, Berlin, Dir. Jacqueline Reddington

Premiere 21st March 2024

"A play about online culture, toxic masculinity and the search for the right place in the midst of first love.

Like many teenagers, 14-year-old Luc lives digitally...What does it mean to be a "real" man and how do you have a first love affair? He searches for answers on the endless internet: from social media stars and fitness trainers to dating coaches, pick-up artists and porn stars. They all know how to do it. Luc's expectations of himself and Pauline rise immeasurably... In a moment of carelessness, he sends a questionable message to Pauline instead of his mates. A conflict arises that puts their continued acquaintance to the test."

– GRIPS Berlin

Direction // Jacqueline Reddington

Performers //  Marcel Herrnsdorf, Lisa Klabunde

Stage and Costume // Florian Buder

Music and Composition // Markus Rom

Video // Chloe Kelly

Dramaturgy // Tobias Diekmann

Theatre Pedagogy // Anna-Sophia Fritsche

Director's Assistant // Christina Tischler

Der Diskrete Charme Der Reduktion


Performance // Der Diskrete Charme Der Reduktion, Komische Oper, Berlin, Dir. Schorsch Kamerun, Premiere 17th Feb. 2023

"Schorsch Kamerun, together with the musician PC Nackt and other artists, ask the questions:

How can the urge to spread be dealt with in a generally compatible way? What attractive strategies can be found despite material withdrawal? The Discrete Charm of Reduction condenses collected voices of the citizens, sorts images, reviews old ideals and develops a music-theatrical happening between dream imagination and trauma". – Komischer Oper Berlin

Direction, Concept, Composition, Music, Text // Schorsch Kamerun

Music Composition and Arrangement // PC Nackt

Stage Design and Props // Katja Eichbaum

Live-Camera and Video // Kathrin Krottenthaler

Dramaturgy // Christina Runge

Production Manager // Rebecca Undine Schettler

Artistic Direction of the Richard Choir Neukölln // Irene Baumann

Choir Master // Paul Pathenheimer

Director's Assistant // Sophie Louise Busch

Stage Manager // Lara Yilmaz

Prop Assistance // Roxanne Töpper

Piano and Electronics // PC Nackt

Performer Text // Annemaaike Bakker

Singer // Ivan Turšić

'Citizen' Performers // Der Richardchor Neukölln, Rahul Chakraborty, Dominik Fornezzi, Chloe Kelly, Mizi Lee, Detlev Lutz, Zuzia Salicka, Mascha Schädlich, Esther Wawerda, Julian Willming, Marie Zbikowska

Musicians from the Komische Oper Berlin // Deniz Tahberer, Bernhard von der Gabelentz, Julia Lindner de Azevedo Conte, Christian Tränkner, Jörg Lorenz, Mario Kopf, Katrin Vogel

Photography // Jaro Suffner

Alles In Ordnung

LEA HOPP-0070.jpg

Stage Design // Alles in OrdnungTheater Discounter Berlin, Dir. Charlotte Lorenz
Premiere 14th Oct. 2022


"Alles in Ordnung takes us to the film set of a crime thriller. While we follow a hot lead, the actors go in search of that “police feeling”. Based on interviews with real police officers, candidates and those who embody them in films and series, the suspense of the investigation creates a documentary fiction about the self-image of police officers on screen and in real life.

In the interviews, it became clear how great the influence of idealized crime images is on people's desire to become a police officer. With their ensemble, they condense the collected, conflicting original tones into a funny plot and examine the potential to question the institution. Could reflecting on media representation encourage us to imagine a world without police?"

– Theater Discounter

Direction // Charlotte Lorenz 

Performers // Linda Vaher,  Johanna Meinhard,  Jakob D’Aprile 

Text // Charlotte Lorenz,  Jakob D’Aprile 

Dramaturgy // Olga Hohmann 

Stage, Video, Camera // Milena Bühring 

Stage // Chloe Kelly 

Costume // Nuria Heyck 

Costume Assistence // Felicitas Fairlie 

Production Manager // Jasna Witkoski 

Director's Assistence // Charlotte Schmekel 

Photography  // Lea Hopp



Perfomance & Costume Design // Karagörlz, Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg, Berlin,
Dir. Neslihan Arol, Premiere 21st Sep. 2021

"Karagörlz: Leaving Earth But Holding On to Humanity reimagines a Turkish comic tradition and explores the question of whether we are beyond the era of traditions. What would a tradition that emerges today look like and what would it reveal about our time 600 years from now? This evening in the year 2621, 50 representatives of humanity are invited one last time to Earth to cast their vote on these issues. Our presenter, developed especially for this occasion, will guide them through the evening."
– Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg

Direction, Text, Performance //
Neslihan Arol
Dramaturgy, Piece Development // Jule Sievert
Video // Zé de Paiva & Kathleen Kunath
Animation // Anselm Kegel
Light // Karel de Wit
Stage Design // Jule Saworski
Performance, Costume Design // Chloe Kelly
Artistic Advisor // Mustafa Çiçek
Photography // Jule Sievert

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