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Listening as Doorways to Futures

Listening as Doorways to Futures, Artistic Workshop, Center of Experimental Humanities, online

The workshop was a collaborative sound collage that resists recent cultural and sociological claims that humanity is experiencing the ‘End of Imagination’.

But  what if other worlds are out there? Just not visible with the current method of exploration? What if the empirical, data-driven and rigid scientific approach simply does not allow for other systems to be perceived, just as the image-centred world ignores other forms of experiencing? This workshop aimed to counter the claim of a loss of imagination and will exercise sound as a portal to different worlds by conglomerating field recordings from ten participants across the globe who aim to answer one simple question: can sounds open doorways?

The project took place in form of two workshops with artists Chloe Kelly and Julian Willming.

June 2021

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Hornsey Film, UCU Strikes

Hornsey Film Screening, UCU Strikes, Central Saint Martins, London.

Pat Holland's 1970 documentary 'Hornsey Film' reflected the frustration felt in art schools across the UK during the 2020 UCU university strikes. The organisation of the film screening reflected the bureaucratisation of our college, as the college security restricted our use of equipment and access to electricity, despite us being students. 

The consequently DIY nature of the screening led to discussion on ownership and privatisation of university buildings.

2nd Feb. 2020

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'Home', Zine-making Workshop

Home, Zine-making Workshop, Freedom Press Anarchist Bookshop, London

A workshop teaching the techniques of lino printing, whilst discussing ideas around the theme of 'home', such as rising rent costs, communal living, memory and homelessness.

The group curated the prints for the zine, discussing and questioning our conceptual and aesthetic choices. The zine was available to buy at Freedom Press.

15th Feb. 2020

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