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Performing Sculpture

Performing Sculpture, a series of six workshops, NART Narva Art Residency, Estonia
April–May 2024
Performing Sculpture was a workshop series in the Russian-Estonia border city of Narva. Together, a group of local women and Zimbabwean artist Zacharaha Magasa, we explored how sculpture can 'perform' through the mediums of text writing, live-camera and music. Thematically, we explored the architecture of fictional spaces and dreamscapes and discussed how our desires and losses are reflected in urban environments. This was especially prevalent in a city such as Narva, which is not just geographically on the edge between Europe and Russia, but also culturally, lingually, architecturally and politically. 

We worked with clay to create a model of our own imagined city, using methods such as Exquisite Corpse and drawing/sculpting meditations. Whilst we sculpted over the six weeks, we talked about the spaces in our childhood memories, video games, books and films. We talked about the different environments that we all grew up in; and these talks channelled into writing exercises such as free-writing and responding to prompts. The final texts were then read aloud over a piece of music composed by Magasa.

The final outcome of the workshops was a 'live-cinematic' performance on 11.05.2024. For this, we staged our sculptural city model – thinking about composition, lighting and camera angles. The final performance was a live-camera 'walk-through' and projection of our model, set to the text readings and musical composition. Documentation can be found on the Performance page, under
'What Whent Up in the Blaze'.


Listening as Doorways to Futures

Listening as Doorways to Futures, Artistic Workshop, Center of Experimental Humanities, online

June 2021

The workshop was a collaborative sound collage that resisted recent cultural and sociological claims that humanity is experiencing the ‘End of Imagination’. Drawing on writings from J G Ballard and Frances Dyson, we exercised sound as a portal to different worlds by mixing field recordings from ten participants across the globe who aimed to answer the question: can sounds open doorways?

The project took place in form of two workshops in collaboration with Julian Willming.

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Hornsey Film, UCU Strikes

Hornsey Film Screening, UCU Strikes, Central Saint Martins, London, 2nd Feb. 2020

Pat Holland's 1970 documentary 'Hornsey Film' reflected the frustration felt in art schools across the UK during the 2020 UCU university strikes. The organisation of the film screening reflected the bureaucratisation of our college, as the college security restricted our use of equipment and access to electricity, despite us being students. 

The consequently DIY nature of the screening led to discussion on ownership and privatisation of university buildings.

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'Home', Zine-making Workshop

Home, Zine-making Workshop, Freedom Press Anarchist Bookshop, London, 15th Feb. 2020

A workshop teaching the techniques of lino printing, whilst discussing ideas around the theme of 'home', such as rising rent costs, communal living, memory and homelessness.

The group curated the prints for the zine, discussing and questioning our conceptual and aesthetic choices. The zine was available to buy at Freedom Press.

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