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Part 1:

The Search

Part 2:

The Reading

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01/09/2019, Berlin

Performed on top of a fountain that was once on the façade of the Universität der Künste Berlin, but was then severed from the building when it was bombed during WWII. Now, 'Orpheus' remains hidden in an over-grown area 5 kilometres from its original location on the university. There is no knowledge as to how or why he was transported there. I performed an original aural poem that interweaved the Greek myth of Orpheus with the mystery, trauma and abandonment of this stone Orpheus'.

Audience members were instructed to come to the meeting point, where they were given a map to find Orpheus amongst the tall shrubbery. Once they found him, the aural poem was performed, followed by an evening of Greek wine-drinking and colouring Orpheus in chalk.

Part 3: The

Revenge on


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